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Lütfü Mert Ceylan

Security Researcher
Warsaw, Poland
Lütfü Mert Ceylan is a 19-years-old Security Researcher, especially specializes in the Web Application area of Cybersecurity. He is an OWASP Project Leader and owner of the OWASP Top 25 Parameters project. He is an OWASP Project Leader and also the OWASP Poland Chapter Board Member and the founder of TR Bug Hunters, Turkey's active security researcher & bug hunter community. He is specifically focused about Server-Side and Client-Side attacks. He is actively involved in the bug bounty area and he has helped detect and exploit over 500 security vulnerabilities across 75+ web applications for companies such as Apple, Oracle, Adobe, Mozilla, United Nations, European Union and 30+ more prestigious companies and organizations, then included their Hall of Fame. Also in the area of cybersecurity, he actively writes articles and writes complex code snippets with Javascript, such as creating XSS payloads with cuneiform. He has a news article in Portswigger about the CVE record CVE-2020-8512 of a vulnerability he discovered when he was 16. He studies at the Warsaw University of Technology and he lives in Warsaw, Poland but in his homeland during the remaining period of his education he lives in Bursa, Turkey.

My Speakers Sessions

Tuesday, October 31

2:35pm EDT